Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Contests!!

This month we are holding our first Halloween costume contest! And yes, it is open to all ages, but please keep it PG-13 :) We are very excited to see what our patients come  up with! So excited, that we decided the prize is a family 4-pack of movie passes!

So How Do You Enter Our Costume Contest?

Step 1: Like us on Facebook! Click here or search for 'Dr Treva Lee'

Step 2: E-mail your photos to:

Step 3: Watch for your photo to be posted on our Facebook. We'll upload your photos to an album, share your photo and get everyone you know to like your entry! The photo with the most likes wins a family 4-pack of movie passes!

Please e-mail your entries to us no later than Monday, November 5th.
Winners will be announced Monday, November 9th via Facebook.
So start creating (or buying) those costumes!

Think your costume can beat this adorable little guy? Let's see it! (Image found via Tumblr)

...But wait, there's MORE contests?!

Why yes! In addition to our costume contest on Facebook, we are having a coloring contest that your children can enter during your visit to our office during the month of October.

Not to be outdone, we are also holding a guessing game for all-ages! Stop by our office and guess how many candy pumpkins we fit into the jar. Winners will not only win the jar of candy but a gift card as well!

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