Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Does the Clovis Rodeo Have to Do With Your Dental Insurance Benefits?



Howdy Partner!


Last weekend in April around these here parts, means the Clovis Rodeo will be in town. So do all you Cowgirls and Cowboys have those pearly whites all nice and clean to flash at one another at the Hoe-down on Saturday night?


If not, you'd better saddle-up and giddy-up your pony on over to the dentist soon! 'Cuz if you have dental insurance and haven't had your 1st cleaning & exam before the month of June rolls around, you'll lose out on your already-paid benefit for the 2nd cleaning & exam in a calendar year (if insurance only allows cleaning every 6 months, you'll never get those benefits paid out before the end of the year)!!




See? that's different than plans that allow those continuing care appointments twice a year.

Every 6 months not the same thing as twice a year.!


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