Monday, June 1, 2009

Central San Joaquin Valley-centric videos on YouTube

Ok, last Christmas I got one of those Flip video cameras as a gift. Kind of like the “point & shoot” equivalent between SLR cameras and auto-everything cameras. Easy to use and not too many bells & whistles to confuse someone else that you’d hand the camera to for an impromptu photo or video. For a newbie like me to upload/download stuff to different websites, their very direct and simple instructions makes it very easy to share stuff with everyone. So my YouTube “channel” is Yayvalley. That means go to and you’ll be able to view what I’ve got posted up on there. Pretty mundane things like my kids’ concerts and activities and of course, since I’m a dentist, I’ve included in some of my pleased patients (hey, do you think I’d put “Ms Grumpy-grouchy” in there?). So I hope you like my slice of life. Please feel free to comment on here, or on the video itself on the website.

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