Wednesday, January 21, 2009

vitamin question

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hey ladies
i am using future formulations vitamins(way expensive,found them a little cheaper over the internet,"adrenal rebuilder,Adrenal c and super adrenal stress formula) supposidly because i have adrenal fatigue,who doesn't, any how was wondering what vitamins you all take?(if you do)
need to find some a little less costly
i also take a calcium supp,fish oil and magnesium supp
thanks for your input/advice...

Dr. Treva Diane Lee's response:

Like everything else, the human body was designed/evolved to respond to things in moderation: moderate levels of pleasure, stress, physical activity, mental activity, and to use a wide variety of food as sources of energy and nutrition. Tablet or liquid forms of various nutritional supplements can help out when our ability to ingest adequate amounts of certain vitamins and minerals is variable, or when we need higher levels to meet the body's demands to react to ever-changing challenges of living.

Moderation is key, too much of anything can be toxic (even water!), too little of something can also be harmful. Over-the-counter stuff can have very medicinal effects without the benefits of accurate doseage and monitoring. Just because you don't need a prescription doesn't mean it's beneficial effects aren't without risk!

That having been said, excepting previously diagnosed nutritional deficiency syndromes. Most people eating a well rounded diet and no chronic health conditions (smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) are fine with a multivitamin or vitamin combination containing essential minerals and vitamins and anti-oxidants. Searching the American Dietetics Association website will give you fact-based information without alot of emotional and anecdoctal hype. It's great that you are searching for answers to help you and your family!

...and if I sound like I'm lecturing, well, I do have a background in nutrition, food science & dietetics...

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